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Tooth loss in permanent dentition occurs gradually during years of the life. Replacement of missing teeth with dental implant procedures is one of the greatest advances in dentistry.The availability of adequate bone volume for dental implant placement in esthetic zone is often diminished by tooth loss associated with trauma in many young healthy individual. Loss of bucco-palatal dimension of ridge further necessitates calls for additional procedure to receive optimum implant borne prosthesis. Ridge split technique is a way to solve the problem of the width in narrow ridges with adequate height. Simultaneous insertion of dental implants will considerably reduce the edentulism time.
Ridge splitting with bone expansion is a technique of manipulation of bone to form receptor site for implant without removing any bone from the implant site.


Ridge Splitting and simultaneous Implant placement case

(Case done by Dr. Vijay DeshmukhM.D.S. / Dental Implantologist )

A middle aged man lost his upper left central incisor due to trauma. Treatment was not done for it for 3 years.After observation,I found that around 2mm bone was there which was deficient for implant placement and insufficient for implant support. I advised him ridge splitting with implant procedure as an ideal treatment.

Under local anesthesia, fine osteotomy was done to detach the buccal plate. Then Implant was placed.

After 4 months, implant was exposed and impression was sent to laboratory

Zirconium crown was cemented on the dental implant abutment after 4 months. Patient was happy and confident with his perfectly restored teeth.


When is it done?

  •  Sufficient vertical bone height.
  •  Horizontal defect/narrow ridges (wide apically).
  •  Presence of cancellous bone between the cortical plates.

Why is it used?

  • To avoid the use of a secondary surgical site that exhibits postoperative morbidity associated with bone harvesting.
  • To shorten the treatment due to immediate implant placement
  • To reduce healing time
  • To avoid palatally placed implants
  • To avoid concave emergence profile